On April 21, OTDB had our first fundraiser. Please go to the website for some photos of the event. Approximately 120 people attended on a beautiful night in Itasca. Our honored guests were Jane Heckman and Art Remus with the unexpected HIGHLIGHT of The Blues Brothers who hale from Glenbard South High School. An evening of joining together to get Dems on the map netted almost 3500 dollars in donations and was bristling with tons of energy.  After paying  the bills, we have approximately 2500 dollars left (and all the energy and MORE). We intend to do the following with some of this money this week. $250 of it will be used to upgrade our office equipment and add a 4-in-one faxer, copier, printer and scanner to our operation. 580 dollars has been approved to purchase the latest voter data from the county so that we can continue to hone the information we have been gathering in the last year from issue canvasses, petition drives and various campaigns. We will probably also consider spending money to "phone number" this data in the near future. We are in the process of forming a committee to create more fun fundraising events and would welcome all who would like to contirbute to that effort. Please contact Bob Peickert at to let him know you are interested.